Messaging is more than communication between people. It’s a simple, useful and customized
marketing tool and it will help you to engage and reach customers again. Let the journey begin now!

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No more boring on-hold sound 

9 customers from 10 prefer messaging
more than emails or calls with the brands.

Messages which can not be ignored

The opening rates of messages are extremely high compared to eDMs. (98% vs 22%)

AI for UX /UI

It can be teachable, d eveloped and automatized.

The eDM's time is over. Beat your competitors now!

Give a user friendly experience to your customers 24/7.

Our offers

Broadcasting Chatbot

from $ 600 .00

setup fee + monthly service fee
  • Without flows, basic functions and scheduled promotion messages
  • Focused on eDM or vouchers
  • Monthly (or rare) requests for marketing purposes 
  • GDPR (based on client's Privacy Statement)

Premium Chatbot

from $ 900 .00

setup fee + monthly service fee
  • Flows based on agency's offer/customer needs
  • 1-2 separable flow
  • Focused on product presentation or customer service
  • GDPR (based on client's Privacy Statement)
  • + Messenger plugin code for websites
  • + Beginner AI 

Advanced Chatbot

from $ 1320 .00

setup fee + monthly service fee
  • Flows based on custom marketing strategy
  • 3-5 separable flow
  • For diverse marketing goals
  • GDPR (based on client's Privacy Statement)
  • Messenger plugin code for website
  • + Monthly report
  • + Preparation of Facebook ads
  • + Advanced AI 

Beat your competitors with a custom made chatbot!

Need more features or a personalized offer? 


Our chatbots are based on interactions, and they are journey-based solutions. We believe, that a qualified chatbot is more than an online coupon-tool, and it has space -because of the main communication platform- to be funny, sexy and clever in the same time. 

The MTT Digital’s talented chatbot developer team has 3+ years experience in chatbot making, and 8+ years experience in PPC marketing.
If you are interested in the chatbot making process, read our short outline about that.

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Wants, needs and planning

We are open to your business goals, your current marketing activities from the very beginning. After that we organize a brainstorming session with you, and we offer potential chatbot flows or you can discuss your ideas with our main chatbot developer and the copywriters.

The last part of this process is we create a flowchart where you can see the possible ways and decision points of your upcoming chatbot.

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Wireframing and building

The magic happens here. We build your custom chatbot from the wireframe to a trial version, and we develop it hand-by-hand with your opinions and requests. We insert gifs, videos, web views, pictures and everything what customize the user’s experience.

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Testing and AI integration

We are able to test your brand new chatbot with experienced testers, and UX/UI developers.

After that we research the main keywords of your chatbot and we integrate the following sentences into the AI.



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